Signs of Good Cafes to look out for

Boutique cafes have become increasingly popular nowadays. Some cafes are great, and some not-so-great. Generally, cafes are usually bursting with energy as customers make them places to hang out with friends or family, study, write and a lot more.

Smaller cafes are more popular than the giant conglomerate coffee shops. It’s because the smaller cafes dot smaller towns and cities. With this said what then are the signs commonly shared by good cafes?

Good cafes, as a rule, have a reputation to maintain. The signs commonly seen in good cafes include:

Spotlessly clean

Walking in on a spotlessly clean cafe is already a good sign. The things to look at such as counters, steam wand, and the espresso machine should be as clean as the floors, chairs, and tables. Keeping the cafe meticulously clean conveys the message of the importance of the business and the guests.

Friendly and energetic staff

The welcoming, happy, and friendly staffs of a cafe are always a common sign of great cafes.  Cafe owners train their staff to make each guest feel important. After all, customers shelling out a pretty penny for a few ounces of espresso deserve to be treated best.

Bustling and crowded

Crowds of people in a cafe are a good sign. This means that everything is up to par with the services, food, and drinks served by the cafe. While giant conglomerate coffee shops are always bustling and crowded, a crowd inside a small cafe means it’s one of the best.

Specialised coffee concoctions

The pride of small, but good cafes is with their offer of specialised coffee concoctions. Getting fresh beans for every cup of coffee is off to a good start. Often, though, dark roasted coffee is the usual serving. If you go for lighter roasting, talking it over with the staff might probably get you what you want.

Great menu

Good cafes are known for their offers of multiple coffee flavours. You would know you’re in a good cafe if the menu features more coffee than food. However, a cafe featuring a menu of only a few coffee drinks along with a slew of different sandwiches is not a good sign. However, you can give it a try. You can always avoid another visit when the cafe is not up to par.


A good cafe knows what to do with espresso. This means that a cafe properly timing their shots, tamp, and the dose is one to go for. However, it’s best to walk away if you see the staff perform an 11 shot espresso.


Watching a barista mix your coffee concoction will make you see if he/she has undergone training. However, you can always make inquiries when in doubt. Owners of good cafes usually require their baristas to undergo training.

Drip Coffee

Airpots with digital timers and frequent brewing are signs of a good cafe. A selection of coffee flavours is another good sign. However, if the flavoured coffees are more than single blends or origins, you may get disappointed. A cafe offering a bunch of coffee blends is never a good sign.

Going to a great cafe is always a fun experience for coffee aficionados. The rule of thumb when it comes to cafes is with their menu. More coffee blends or origins than flavoured ones ensure getting the best cafe experience.

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