The many benefits of living in serviced apartments

For corporate travelers the most popular choice for accommodation are serviced apartments. This provides a secure base and luxury living away from home without having to forego the comfort for place which you could call your own. Serviced apartments or more personalized means of accommodation. Online hotels and boutique hotels these tend to be less formal but have all the amenities wish you would fight at a hotel room.

These are basically self contained apartments in buildings. Each of these apartments have a separate bedroom and a lounge area. These apartments also have a fully equipped kitchen where you could hook up a meal if you do not fancy anything from the outside. Guest also have access to room service and can enjoy a host of utilities provided the by the management of the building. Service apartments also have breakfast facilities. It all depends upon the place that you choose to stay

  • When you live in a serviced apartment it offers the extra space. In hotels you are simply allowed enough space for a single room. If you are a corporate traveler you definitely would like to have a separate area where you could work in peace. Serviced apartments give you that kind of liberty. You can choose to work properly sitting on a desk, responding to formal calls.
  • You can also get much-needed privacy as well as flexibility when you live in a serviced apartment. Usually the apartments are situated in the metropolis with lots of local shops and restaurants to choose from. you even have the option of entertaining your business colleagues in your own personal space. At a hotel, there are just too many distractions and these do not offer the privacy which guests might crave.
  • It is also much more economical to live in a serviced apartment. The cost is usually 40% lower than the cost of living in a hotel room. During the peak seasons when tourists flock in the difference could be as high as 50 to 60%.
  • It is pretty easy to book a serviced apartment. There are no lengthy procedures involved and you do not have to pay large deposits of cash. Living here is ideal especially if you are planning a long stay because such a long stay would have a major impact on your budget if you choose to live in a hotel room.

These are only a few of the benefits which you could enjoy living in an Ultiqa serviced apartment. There are a host of other divinities wish you could enjoy at a lower cost however before you choose the department for your accommodation you need to keep certain factors in mind. You should consider the reviews left by previous occupants of the serviced apartments. It is important to check out these reviews so you can get an idea regarding their services. It is best to go for service apartments with an impeccable reputation so that you can make the most of your corporate travels.

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